Arch Design Services

"There is no such thing as truly universal design. Every person is unique..."
Ron Mace, 'father' of Universal Design

As designers, we should strive to make every home and workplace comfortable and easy to use.
Timothy. Sagosz, principal, Arch Design Services

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Arch Design Services provides 2D plans and elevations required for construction permits or planning permission, and full sets of construction documents needed by builders and inspectors. We can construct lifelike 3D CAD models and illustrations using photographs of your actual building site or pleasant neutral landscapes.

We also offer consulting services that help homeowners and architects solve accessibility problems. Aging joints or war service injuries, sudden accident or progressive illness: there are many reasons why your existing home no longer feels friendly and comfortable. With both training and life experience in universal design, we can offer suggestions that can help you stay in your own home or adapt a new home to meet your needs.

3D Drafting: Lifelike illustrations of your designs

Working from your sketches or plans and elevations, we can show your clients what their new home will look like -- on their site, if you send us a clear JPG. Also a great souvenir for new home-owners the day they collect the key!
2D Drafting: Plans, elevations, construction documents

We provide AutoCAD-native files based on your sketches or marked-up plans, edit or revised from existing files, and can produce full sets of documents ready for permits or construction work to begin.
Access consulting: Helping homeowners and architects find lifetime home solutions

Simple fixes or a major renovation... or maybe a clear call that it's time to move to a home that works for you. Whatever the reason 'home' no longer works for you, we have extensive experience with Universal Design and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We can help apply the design solutions that make your home -- new or existing -- livable and enjoyable. Contact us for a consultation.