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Homes for a Lifetime

As we age, even one-time dream homes can become nightmarish, as staircases and narrow bathroom doors grow tricky to navigate with creaky knees or a wheelchair. And sudden accident or injury may make adjustments to a home a necessity virtually overnight.

Arch Design Services is ready to help architects, builders, and home-owners remodel or build new homes that are both beautiful and a perfect fit for the residents' lifestyle.

With extensive experience in Universal Design and federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, we can propose a full range of design solutions. As Timothy Sagosz, one of our principals, is a  wheelchair user himself, we can talk with clients directly and sympathetically, and help construction experts and even physiotherapists choose the best design solutions. Call or email us to discuss your individual needs.

We can also work with architects and developers who are planning new age-in-place projects. Our real-world experience can help your project truly usable for all ages.
The completed project shown below illustrates one way of solving a couple of common access problems. Steps await at the end of a deeply recessed (and fly-catching) entrance: lots of wasted space and little cover for anyone approaching the front door.

An easy fix might have installed a simple straight-run ramp. However, by bringing the entrance of the home forward, we solved several problems at once. First, the home regained almost 150 square feet of usable storage and reception space. Second, the neat curving ramp-plus-steps conserves garden space while bringing the entry close to the driveway and sidewalk. And presto: no more fly-trap.  

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